Season 2 (Season 1)


When the dust settles someone has the task of cleaning up the mess. Who cleans it and how messy they get is is always the most interesting part of the story.

Still reeling from the Hurricane of the century, and the underworld upheaval caused by Frank’s choices, the little city by the ocean is fighting for its life, identity and future. As with any good fight the best line up to make sure they get their just due. REVENGE is a dish best served cold but Atlantic City is known for it’s summer so its bound to be hot one with everyone vying for control.


Episode 1: Salt Water Taffy

Old tension between foes is rekindled, as the city reeling from uncertainty tries to put itself back in a position of growth. The ‘Satin’ case comes under scrutiny. A fallen soldier is laid to rest but not before a promise is made in blood.

Episode 2: Funnel Cake

The Mayor is made an offer he can’t refuse but he is preoccupied. The breakthrough news reporter delivers a scoop. Erskin begins his own investigation with Garfield. Tito’s crew gets a painful lesson. Detectives’ Garcia and Harrison grow apart. The Russians make it clear they are here to stay, and McCaferry proves his political metal.

Episode 3: Vanilla Custard

Irish Mike shows why he is still the toughest character in the streets. New York refuses to see the Philadelphia way. Darryl gets ready for the biggest day of his life and career. Gi Jin assumes the power he has coveted, while Deacon shows himself and the power of his g-d.

Episode 4: Blue Crab

Commissioner Kelly makes a desperate move. Albert lets New York know that the Philly Mob is still ready for war. Momma Rose shows why she’s the coldest mother around. The Russians invest more in the new Atlantic City’s future, and Irish Mike plants a new Water Lilly in the bay.

Episode 5: Johnny Cakes

Albert silences the noise. Lucina extends a request. The election heats up and old friends get stuck on opposite sides. Detective Harrison gets a message from a friend.

Episode 6: Moon Pie

The end of the road for some and new beginnings for others.