Season 1 (Season 2)


No Jobs, No Family, No Opportunity.

Marine Frank Porter an Atlantic City native returns home to find that the beloved city he left has changed. The opportunities are slim and the jackpots are few and far between. His mother has succumbed to the big "c" and his long time girlfriend Mona, has moved on to the safe bet... complete with the big house and white fence. Frank however is not alone, with him are the ghosts of deeds done in honor of his country, even if those deeds have grabbed and twisted his mind to a point where there may be no return.

The streets sing a siren song to his ear and he struggles to avoid dancing to the tune. In the midst of gangland upheaval and a city rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Frank finds himself stuck in the middle of it all. Looking for an answer his mind toils between the light and that which will send him into perpetual darkness.


If you or someone that you know is suffering from the effects of PTSD, there is some help.


Episode 1: Welcome Home

Julian Foster begins the story of his assignment recounting how Frank Porter returns home from Afghanistan only to find Atlantic City suffering to rebuild from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Searching for a place to fit in and dealing with the affects of PTSD Frank struggles to make it all make sense.

Episode 2: Flashback

Having gotten Renaldo out of a perilous situation, Frank finds himself thrust in the middle of a power struggle in the Atlantic City underworld. The Don makes a decision while Julian arrives in Atlantic City. Detective Harrison and White Apple Jack each find reasons to be in shock.

Episode 3: New World Order

Everyone jockeying for a piece and place Renaldo makes another calculated move. Julian picks up the trail and Tony makes a call.

Episode 4: Tall Tales

Firmly entrenched after his shrewd moves, Renaldo blazes ahead. Frank's demons rise and confront him as Tammy finds comfort in her new surroundings.

Episode 5: Hang Over

Detective Harrison finds himself the odd man out. Christian walks a tightrope between new and old interests. Renaldo makes a quick decision and Frank revisits his past.

Episode 6: High Tide

DJ Rob receives some disconcerting news affecting his future. Christian delivers for Renaldo. Frank ends a difficult situation. White Apple Jack is forced to make a decision and Renaldo and Tony meet face to face.

Episode 7: Low Tide

Conflicts abound and loyalties tested. Tony’s poker hand is called. Brown Sugar makes a choice and Frank seeks forgiveness.

Episode 8: All Washes A'shore

Every wave that rolls out will always roll back in. All things get settled.